TriDiNetworks technology (methods, systems and products) are protected by the patents:
US 8,437,276 B2 , EP 2 215 872 B1 and CN101919290B in China.

TriDiAutomation wireless control system provides cloud-based software service, wireless networks adapters and software algorithms on standard off-the-shelf Wi-Fi routers.

The unified system is based on standard, widely accepted protocols and solves the tough complexity problems and the security concerns of the wireless control networks.


  • Contactless configurable Wi-Fi networks adapters
  • Routing algorithms on standard off-the-shelf Wi-Fi routers
  • State of the art cloud-based software service

TriDiAutomation unified solution includes TriDiDesign,a complete Design and Commissioning software suite and TriDiM2M, a Wireless Device Control Network with cloud based services.

TriDiNetworks Point & Click universal setup technology drastically cuts the cost and time of installation and setup of Building Management systems enabling efficient use of energy.


Using the cloud based control service to control an RGB LED:

Using a WiFi enabled tablet to control a split air conditioner:

Professional Services

There is an option to adapt the platform to customer's defined applications.
Adaptations can be made to:

  • Supported protocols
  • Control Logic
  • Graphical User Interface
  • and more...

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