TriDiNetworks Technology and System 

TriDiNetworks technology (methods, systems and products) are protected by the patents:
US 8,437,276 B2 , EP 2 215 872 B1 and CN101919290B in China.

TriDiNetworks developed innovative routing algorithms on low-cost standard Wi-Fi routers which utilize existing Wi-Fi infrastructures, instead of usual expensive gateways. Based on "Point and Click" patented technology, TriDiAutomation consolidates design, commission, control and maintenance in one simple to use unified system.

The system incorporates state of the art cloud-based software service without the need for local computers, enabling access to wireless control devices through mobile phones without any dedicated applications.

TriDiAutomation consolidates the design, commission, control, service and maintenance in a single system for simplicity of use and management, greater efficiency and performance and reduced cost.
The system is comprised of  design, control and service software solutions on the system level and embedded software in wireless devices on the field level.


The Platform is comprised of 3 layers: system software layer, routing software layer for standard Wi-Fi routers and
embedded software in wireless devices on the field layer. The system software unifies the design, commission, control, service & maintenance in a single platform for monitoring and control of billions of wireless devices. On the field level a standard BACnet/IP protocol is used over standard Wi-Fi routers (no gateways needed) and wireless adapters.

Cloud Service
The service is performed trough a SaaS (Software as a Service) which comprises SQL data base, Web interface and SCADA services.

Design & Configuration
The system allows for automatic configuration, identification, location and binding of wireless and wired networks devices. It solves basic problems in control networks, enabling a complete end to end solution. The system automates and enables a seamless transition of control data from the control designer plans and drawing into the control field devices. It provides a disruptive technology that simplifies the whole design and commission process, enabling operation by electricians with only basic technical skills.

Network Designer - Windows based software for wireless/wired networks design.

  • Prepares data (such as Network parameters, System topology) for:
    • Setup (Commissioning Tool, Site Router)
    • Control software (based on MS Azure)
  • Module based software containing logic and data for objects participating in a process.
  • Can be used for many different processes - for each process a dedicated module is created (such as TDN Wi-Fi control system design & setup, specific air-condition control system design & setup) .

Commissioning Tool
Smartphone tool to commission the design settings to the wireless devices. Uses WiFi and NFC technologies.

Site Router
Implements the well-known BACnet/IP communication protocol between the cloud and the wireless devices.

Demonstration video:

WNA - Wireless Network Adapter

  • Connects to sensors & controls and operates devices and equipment
  • Low power Wi-Fi and microcontroller
  • Contactless configuration adapter for “Point & Click” configuration
  • Built in BACnet/IP protocol
  • Numerous I/O: RS232, RS485, IR, digital, analog
  • Installed in each room in the building
  • Operates automatically and independently
  • Wireless connected through a TDN Site Router to the cloud based TDN Central Control system

TDN Central Control

Web Role
- Web pages for accessing the TDN Central Control trough the Internet.
Worker Role
- SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) monitor and control the wireless TDN Control Equipment trough the TDN Site Routers (using the BACnet/IP stack)
SQL Data base
- All the parameters required to monitor and control each Site Router and wireless TDN Control Equipment in the different sites

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